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We are dedicated to educating and bringing together members of OUR community and law enforcement. The only way to achieve justice in our legal system is to be inclusive of all community members. We work through our Learning Center, partnerships with Help Social Justice Initiative, and other sports organizations to educate and uplift the community together to influence just outcomes in all of OUR lives.





WE are all leaders in OUR community, and it's time WE understand that.  This project is focused on raising the awareness of community leaders who influence the direction of our community members and offer education and information to strengthen those leaders. Our goal is to offer in-person and online access to proven leadership courses and topics that have previously only been available to elite circles. WE are building leaders - and those leaders will rise up from OUR communities.


A successful future for OUR community requires a clear understanding of money matters at all ages. Through in-person sessions and online learning moments in The Learning Center, we offer the foundation of banking, credit, mortgage, loans, retirement, and planning. 
We hope to improve all areas financial stability to strengthen families in OUR community facing disasters or just the changing demands of the present.





The dream for most student athletes is to grow to the next level. Children replay, "3-2-1..." buzzer scenarios - signifying the athlete craving that pivotal moment where they make a big play. Those moments happen when student athletes prepare for it. This readiness project is designed to deliver in person and online access to career readiness in the sports industry. Whether you're going to college or even the pros - we know that being educated will help you get there and stay there. How do the great ones get there? They prepare. We want to give access to that level of education to members in OUR community.



Particularly focusing on underserved communities, we hope to raise the knowledge levels and know-how in youth banking. Our end-game is to reduce the likelihood that a predatory lender will have a chance to take advantage of a young member of our community, because they are educated and set up for success. We hope to reduce the unbanked numbers in OUR communities by educating young people and establishing banking partnerships to deliver transparent banking services for young bank customers.





Access has become one of the greatest obstacles in our communities. What's on paper as being available, just hasn't been available to ALL. Through a creative "BOGO - BUY ONE GIVE ONE" program developed by The Thibeaux Company with their Corporate Learning Center, when a corporate entity buys access for their employees to learn with The Thibeaux company, an equal number of licenses will be given away to the communities in which the corporate organization serves. Ultimately when corporate learns in OUR communities, WE are given access to learn and close the education gap.

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