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Contribute to Change Our Numbers Inc to address the greatest needs in our community. Our general fund supports our overall work to maintain online education services and offer best-in-class information and mentorship to members of OUR community.

We have been a federally designated 501c3 since August 2020 and are authorized to provide tax receipts for all donations.


HBCU Sports Program - Texas Southern University

Recognizing a need to provide products and services to Historically Black Colleges and Universities in order to address inequities in higher education, we have created a special HBCU Sports Program project. This year, we have identified Texas Southern University Football Program as the program we will support to address disparities in educational and sports development. 

Working with the Football Program at Texas Southern University, we've identified several immediate needs that can make a huge impact in the outcomes of excellence they strive to achieve. Your generous donation will support nutrition initiatives; training gear and technologies; and facilities support. 

Financial Literacy Project

We know that when much is given, much is expected. When student athletes earn money, knowing how to maintain and grow your money becomes a necessary part of the equation. Financial disparities often occur because financial literacy was lacking. We strive to make a difference in a segment of the population who ma be in a position to earn more, but become vulnerable to huge financial losses as a result of simply not understanding money matters. Through educational initiatives such as live speakers and online learning programs, we know we can make a difference to introduce financial concepts to the student athlete. 

Your money will be directly applied to a live or online learning course for the benefit of student athletes.

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