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Years ago we volunteered for small community give moments that were designed to be a short-term commitment, but it became a life-long journey. We have been so fortunate to be able to impact the lives of others, all while partnering with some of the most passionate and driven philanthropists on the globe.

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ABOUT US - The Leadership Team

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Our President and Chief Learning Officer, her background in education, learning development & delivery helps keep the vision moving future forward with an inclusive plan to make "OUR" a reality.

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Our Lead Volunteer focusing on youth outreach, she offers unique social media insights and perspectives of today's youth needs.


1988-1996 - Cris Dishman joined a few of his Houston Oilers teammates to visit the Houston Burn Center weekly to bring hope and optimism to those impacted by life threatening and life altering burns -  and Cris' life changes forever.

1997 - Cris Dishman donates to Purdue University to rebuild the Football Players locker room

2003 - Jennifer Thibeaux kicked off an informal "meals for the homeless" program in Dallas, TX at Thanksgiving to feed the homeless unable to get to a shelter - cooking her best dishes. Meeting the people and their circumstance changed her perspective and ideas about visibility of under-served and underrepresented people in our community.

2004 - Jennifer Thibeaux kicks off "blankets for the homeless" to help shield community members living on the street from extreme winter weather.

2013 - Jennifer Thibeaux and Liz Smith become Century Club Endowed Donors at Texas A&M University to support education initiatives at the institution.

2015 - Change Our Numbers was formed operationally.


2016 - Liz Smith participates in the Miracle League as a partner and sees the value of using sports to connect with youth and the community.


2017 - Organized volunteer efforts with the Salvation Army Soup Kitchens in Waco, TX


2020 - Change Our Numbers Inc gained 501c3 designation founded by Jennifer Thibeaux


2021 - Online Learning Center partnership formed to deliver online courses to community members on topics - financial literacy, business, social justice, sales, leadership, communication, and entrepreneurship.

2022-2025 - 3 YEAR PLAN: Continued focus on education in sports and youth initiatives.

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